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We at eGuide strive for simplicity and ease of use for our customers so we have developed what we believe to be the easiest advertising system we can think of.

If you have arrived at this page its probably from one of our “ADVERTISE HERE” images. Great, if you want to buy that space just fill out the form below and paste in the URL (www. address you want to advertise on) in the form below. Or if you don’t know where you want to advertise but want to take advantage of our insanely cheap deal then fill out the form below and tell us a little about your site and we will find the most suitable and relevant page for you.

We have sites about pretty much everything to do with travelling, so if you are a restaurant in Tokyo, or a jet ski company in Brisbane, Australia. Please just let us know and we will find the best pages for you.

Super simple, its $5 per month, per page.

Set up your advert now, pay later

Send in your advert now and we will get it live on the site and we can all worry about payment later, lets just get your ad live and start promoting your website.

When it does come to payment we accept, PayPal transfers or credit card payment or bank transfer, what ever is easiest for you.



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